Ana Praça

Master in Accounting and Management Control

With a degree in Economics from the Faculdade de Economia do Porto and Post-Graduate degree in Taxation at ISAG - European Business School in Porto. 

In 2018, Ana Praça completed her Master in Accounting and Management Control at the Faculdade de Economia do Porto. 

She assumes Tax Manager duties at the Porto office of PwC, where she started her professional activity in September 2008. 

She has significant experience in tax compliance work, corporate restructuring projects and tax management projects with groups of different business areas. With also significant experience in international projects, Ana Praça has worked in the Malta's PwC office under a secondment program. She participates regularly as a trainer in internal tax training and clients promoted by PwC and collaborates with newspapers and magazines in tax matters. 

She's also an invited lecturer by the European Law School Association to teach international taxation in Porto.