Política de Privacidade

Fernão de Magalhães International Teaching and Research Center (CIEIFM) guarantees the confidentiality of all information given by its clients either in the moment of their sign up or in the process of buying.

All the collected data is stored in a safety and encrypted way, which prevent its loss or manipulation. You can check if your browser is safe if the lock symbol appears or if the link starts with https instead of http.

The collected data in this portal has the purpose of processing the acquisition of goods and services, communication with users, processing information requests and eventual complaints, statistical analysis, as well as its use for direct marketing purposes.

Collected information

This portal collects two types of information: voluntary information, given by the client, which may include personal information as name, address, email, etc., and information collected automatically by our portal through cookies.

The collected information in a voluntary way occurs when the client sign up in the portal, by filling the forms, sending emails or sending information by buying a good or service. Although this portal has security measures in order to protect the information available, the clients should take additional measures to protect their personal information, such as closing their browser in the end of the portal’s use.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files, with alphanumeric information, stored on your computer’s hard drive. These files are required so the server can distinguish each client and keep the status while browsing.

These cookies can only be read by the portal and the client, who can delete it if he wishes.

If you don’t want to receive cookies you can configure your computer to warn you every time you receive a cookie or deactivate all cookies, through your browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome). For this you can check the menu “Help” of your browser to know what is the best way to change or update the cookies. If you deactivate the cookies, you may not access certain functions that where here mentioned.

Our cookies policy

The cookies used in this portal of Fernão de Magalhães International Teaching and Research Center are anonymous and no further personal information from clients is kept in them, or any other information that allows the identification. Cookies are used to improve the clients’ experience and to allow the analysis of the portal usage, in order to optimize its functionalities.

Which cookies are used in the pages of this portal?

In the portal of Fernão de Magalhães International Teaching and Research Center are used session cookies – they allow the register of client’s preferences, such as language in which the website should be shown, allowing also the authentication of client’s session; these type of cookies is automatically deleted when the browser is closed – and persistent cookies – they allow you to keep necessary information between sessions, for example, keep a cookie to indicate the client agreed with the cookies policy; these kind of cookies is stored in the computer until the expiration date or until being deleted by the client.

This portal uses the service of Analytics, provided by Google, to develop the performance of the portal, storing generic information from the accesses, using anonymous cookies for this purpose.