Post-Graduation in Physiotherapy in Sports

The Piaget Institute, in a partnership with the International Teaching and Research Center Fernão de Magalhães, will have a post-graduate course (b-learning) in “Physiotherapy in Sport” in Chaves, Portugal. Aimed at holders of a Bachelor's degree or legal equivalent, in Physiotherapy, this Post-Graduation aims to develop advanced skills in sports training, through the optimization of physical performance and training methodology, with the objective of restoring function and optimal sports performance, in athletes of all ages and modalities.

  • Recipient

    Holders of a Bachelor's degree, or legal equivalent, in Physiotherapy. Holders of a school, scientific or professional curriculum that has been recognized by the Technical-Scientific Council

  • Duration/Schedule

  • To apply, access the candidate page in the following link: APPLY

  • Sandra Gagulic


    Specialist in Physiotherapy from the University of Aveiro, Master in Human Engineering from the School of Engineering at the University of Minho. Postgraduate in Hygiene and Safety at Work from the School of Engineering of the University of Minho

    Adjunct Professor at Escola Superior Saúde Jean Piaget Viseu. Clinical Teaching Coordinator of the Physiotherapy degree. Head of Physiotherapy Course Units Applied to Cardio Respiratory Conditions I and II.

    Research area of Physical Exercise Programs in Labor Context. Orientation of research projects in the area of physical exercise, Ergonomics in the workplace, risk assessment of musculoskeletal injuries. Co-supervisor of Master's theses in the area of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Trás os Montes and Alto Douro.

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