Frans-Anton Vermast


Senior Strategy Advisor for Low Carbon and Connected Urban Planning at Amsterdam Smart City. He is an expert in searching for the opportunities of novel appliances and services that make cities a more habitable place for its citizens to live, work and play pleasantly. 

Mr Vermast is active in several roles within City Protocol: member of Board of Directors, thematic Area Director Society and Director Public Affairs. He has extensive Dutch, European and global knowledge and experience in facilitating the participation of local governments, municipalities and communities in these initiatives. 

He has worked with several local, regional and national governments in Europe, the Middle East, Peoples Republic of China, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, ndonesia and is frequent visitor to Australia. 

The private sector also likes to collaborate with Mr Vermast such as big consultancy firms, communication incumbents but also local SME’s and start-ups. 

He is a visiting speaker at Leiden University & Radboud University Nijmegen and guest lecturer at the Universities of Applied Sciences of the Hague and HAN.